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Daily Practice Guide & 4 Powerful Meditations
In this guide you get tools & meditations to start your day, practice mid-day & close your day with. 

These practices will powerfully attract the life you want every single time.
You've struggled with food & your weight for so long.
Your thoughts are constantly buzzing about what you ate, what you should have eaten, your weight, carbohydrates, sugar, exercise and calories. 
You are feeling overwhelmed and lost at times.
You just want to chill out, be comfortable "normal" with food.
You really want to achieve your health goals but can't seem to find what actually works.

Somewhere along your path you heard about The Law Of Attraction. It makes so much sense that your thoughts, feelings and emotions create your reality.

So now, maybe you need support bridging the gap -  applying it to your health, food and weight...
Yes? Is this you?
You are in the right place - YAY!


  • Morning Routine
 Set up your day in gratitude while attracting the health & happiness that you want you want in your life. Exercises to start the day and great easy mindset shifts while eating breakfast.
  • Mid Day
How to keep close to your intentions and goals as well as ways to take small moments to connect to what you really want. How to stay high-vibe as you go through your day.
Included is a journal prompt you can use mid-day or any time.
  • Evening
Ending your day powerfully and with intention. Ways to make sure you end your day in a powerful mindset.
  • Meditations
4 Powerful Meditations
Healthy Body Morning Meditation
Healthy Body Evening Meditation
Intention Setting Meditation
Powerful Dream Life Attraction Meditation
  • All Day, Every Day
Additional inspirations of practices you can bring into your every day life to enhance your ability to attract your dream life. These are the most powerful and direct ways to powerfully attract your pinch-me life!
In Case We Haven't Met...
Hey! I'm Talia...
I am not your average health coach. I combine my knowledge of nutrition with my passion (and obsession!) of personal transformation to heal your struggle with weight, food and self love for good!

After struggling with an eating disorder for over 10 years and an entire life of not feeling true self-love, I've turned my pain into passion to help women all over the world. 

I offer workshops, online programs & products as well as one-on-one coaching to transform your relationship with self love & health so that you can achieve your goals easily while feeling calm, balanced and happy.... and without dieting.

I am all about bringing you the mindset shift you need along with tools, inspiration and actions you can do to change your health and happiness NOW - the results will blow you away!
Talia, Food Buddha
This guide takes you through your day and offers you tools & practices that if you use, will have you powerfully manifest the life of your dreams.

Also included, is 4 powerful meditations to deepen & speed up your results!
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