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Hey you - want to show you something... 
It's for seekers who want to get healthy & lose weight without the battle. They know there MUST BE A WAY to get healthy without diets and calculation.
You are smart, this isn't your first rodeo - you know diets don't work... 
You also know that life is about so much more than counting calories and weighing yourself all the time.

However, you still want to lose weight and get healthier AND you're not willing to go through the drama of another diet - too much to ask?
Certainly not. Your head is in the right place. 
Your priorities are straight.
You are ready to get incredible results & you're not willing to battle through a diet.
(please don't battle through another diet)
"The New Leaf Program is the perfect program for the woman who struggles with weight and feels like she's constantly battling her body.

We get stuck in the same patterns and habits, sometimes spending our entire lives there. This program is offering a way out by showing you a whole new way of looking at weight, health and your struggle. We reprogram your habits and create healthy ones and build a foundation of trust in yourself and food.
You can be healthy without the struggle - I will show you how."
  • MIND: Free yourself from the mindset that is keeping you stuck in the cycle of diets, health plans and a lack of self love.
  •  BODY: Learn how to create a healthy body starting with the food you eat. In this course you get a nutrition lesson that is easy to understand so that you can truly transform your health. 
  •  SOUL: We look at how to make sure the deepest part of your being is taken care of. Finding what makes your soul feel aligned is crucial in moving into a life of mind, body and soul harmony.
  •  RELEASE: I show you how you can release unwanted patterns and beliefs that are keeping you stuck. I will show you hidden beliefs you didn't even know where keeping you stuck.
  •   YOGA: Recommended yoga classes that will work along with this program beautifully.
Let's be real for a sec...
You are unique. 

You have YOUR taste in music, your taste in art, movies and cars.  

You like certain public figures and not so much to other ones. You may or may not like tomatoes or pickles. 

You have unique freckles and teeth. 

You have a unique outlook on life.

There is no one like you.

And there shouldn't be - you're so awesome at being you, we don't need another.

We see uniqueness in everyone...yet, when we are trying to lose weight or get healthier - 
we are shoved into a box and told to eat exactly like someone else says we should.

You are told to use the elliptical machine and eat more kale. 

You are told to eat a specific amount of calories, carbs and sugars. 

You are told what to eat and at what increments! 

This will never work. 

Imagine if we did this with other things like choosing a mate or career? Imagine if  we looked to someone else to tell us exactly what to choose - it would be CRAZY. 
So why do we do this with trying to lose weight?

You are unique and your path to your healthiest/best self is unique too.

Once you see this, you realize it's YOUR body that will tell you what to eat and when to exercise.

Then, you never have to look ANYWHERE for what to eat, when to eat and how much - you've got that information stored in every little cute cell in your body.

Luckily, that's what this course will do. Show you the way out of diets forever!
If so, that's okay.... it's normal to be hesitant when considering a major life change.
That is why I take you through a very intentional process because I KNOW IT WORKS.
(I also offer a money-back gaurentee)
How It Works

  • Video Training: All training is done online in the New Leaf Course Portal which you get immediate access to once you purchase the course. Each module will contain an intro and 1 or 2 training videos to watch. They are purposely to-the-point because I know you are busy and your time is valuable. 
  •  Step by Step: You are taken through a specially designed process that gives you support, inspiration & tools to confidently shed your old relationship with food & your weight and become exactly what you want.
  •  You will complete all 5 Modules one by one & ponder/study their content during the week.
want to be able to trust yourself and end the self-sabotage...
want willpower to come easily and not be so hard...
want to reach your goals and not struggle the whole way..

  •  Week By Week

  •  Intro
A welcome, what to expect and how to get the most out of your transformation and this course!
  •  Meditation
A powerful guided manifesting mediation to set intentions for this course.
  •  Yoga
Weekly Yoga classes offered to compliment the work in this course. They are offered in both beginner and intermediate levels.
Where You Are Currently & What You Really, Really Want!
    WEEK  2
    Diet Mentality - Breaking Free (this is a BIG one!)
    WEEK  3
    Ego, Drill Sergeant & Authentic Self (life changer here!)
    WEEK  4
    Nutrition, Food & Exercise For Self Care
      WEEK  5
      Feeling Good, Creating Your Dream Life & Making It Stick
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      Hey, I'm Talia and I will be taking you through your transformation. I understand what you are going through... 

      Not only have I struggled for me entire life with weight, food, self-love & feeling good enough but I also had an eating disorder for over 10 years. 

      For those years I was totally consumed; plans, diets, pills, patches, shakes & cleanses.  Everyday was the same... feeling unhealthy, unhappy, obsessed and always planning "the next big plan". 

      I chose to turn it all around and get educated in nutrition with 4 years of school. Then I became obsessed with transformation. 

      That is when I realized that I had found a way to guide women back to their natural state, back to their own guidance so that they could FINALLY get the results they really wanted - without struggle!
       Designed For You
      This course is designed to take you out of "diet mentality" and into a natural, intuitive way of living. 
      Each part of this course has a specific purpose and each one builds on the last. 

      The design of this course allows you to become FREE of diets, confusion, guilt, shame, and self-sabotage.

      If you commit this 5-week course fully & with an open mind - you will walk out the other side so grateful that you took this leap for yourself...for your life.
      What students are saying...
      Money Back Guarantee
      If you purchase this course, do the work for all 5 modules and find it was not worth your money, 
      I will refund your money within 8 weeks of purchase, no questions asked.
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