....7 steps to make it easy so that you can chill out & get results!
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step by step Guide & 4 Powerful Meditations
In this guide you get the 7 essential steps that are working for women worldwide to finally be free of diets forever.

Instead of another plan, get inspired to move into easy health so you can get the results you really want and stop the insanity.
You've struggled with food & your weight for so long.
Your thoughts are constantly buzzing about what you ate, what you should have eaten, your weight, carbohydrates, sugar, exercise and calories. 
You are feeling overwhelmed and lost at times.
You just want to chill out, be comfortable "normal" with food.
You really want to achieve your health goals but can't seem to find what actually works.

So now, you need to know where to start, where to look and how to feel better quickly...
Is this you?
You are in the right place - YAY!
When you want food, weight loss & health to be easy but your consumed with diets & rules - it's hard to know where to start.

I got you.


7 Steps To Walk Away From Diets
It's a bold claim, I know! 
This is the exact method I used and what my clients use all over the world. I am totally confident in this process because instead of another plan, this process is focused on love, compassion, awareness and knowledge. 

4 Powerful Meditations
Healthy Body Morning Meditation
Healthy Body Evening Meditation
Intention Setting Meditation
Powerful Dream Life Attraction Meditation
In Case We Haven't Met...
Hey! I'm Talia...
I am a nutrition & self love coach mixed equally with being a transformation junkie.

I combine my knowledge of nutrition and passion for personal transformation to heal your struggle with weight, food and self love.

I am the creator of The New Leaf Program and passionate about YOU finding your happiest, healthiest life through self-love, mindset and inspiration.

After healing my own eating disorder and being a nutritional consultant for over 6 years, I left my 9-5 job in a clinic and created my purpose-filled business; Food Buddha.

 I've turned my pain into passion and now support women all over the world. 

I offer workshops, online programs & products as well as one-on-one coaching to transform your relationship with self love & health so that you can start feeling amazing while achieving your health goals.

I am all about bringing you the mindset shift you need along with tools, inspiration and actions you can do to change your health and happiness NOW - the results will blow you away!
Namaste, friend!