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Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Health
Group Program
Get Healthy. Get Happy. Get Inspired. Have Fun.
This Is about You getting happy and healthy
This 10 week group program is for the woman who...

✮ Is ready to elevate her health 
✮ Is eager to strengthen her mind/body connection
✮ Is ready to meet her health goals and dreams (even if they have seemed impossible before!)
✮ Wants the mindset transformation - she wants to release old patterns and walk into a new life. 
✮ Wants to learn about food to make it understandable and easy so she doesn't have to stress about it anymore.
✮ Would love group support as she goes through this journey.

Most of all, this woman is a seeker and knows 2018 is HER YEAR to step into all the happiness, joy and health that her whole life has been leading her to!

Embrace your transformation - You are ready!

Program Starts Jan 10th, 2018!
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Program cost:  $20/week for 10 weeks
In this program you get unlimited support for 10 weeks to make sure you get your transformation!
What You Will Learn In This Program:
How To Move Into The Life You Really Want
How To Release All Diet Rules & Move Into Eating Intuitively
How To Release Emotional Eating, Binging & Intense Cravings
Daily Mindset Practices For Health & Happiness
Exercise For Self Love
What Is Holding You Back That You Didn't Even Realize
Meditations for Health & Happiness
Unlimited Support From Me & Other Beautiful Women
Your Transformation

Hey, in case we haven't met...
I'm Talia or Food Buddha - I would best describe myself as half nutrition coach and half transformation junkie! I combine my knowledge and experience with nutrition with my passion (and obsession) of personal transformation to have you break through your struggles with food, health, weight and self love.

In my experience with my clients and in my own story I have learned that we are capable of anything that we really want  and it doesn't have to be hard, overwhelming or strict. 
In fact, it's the opposite!

Once we tap into joy, treat our bodies with compassion and learn to love ourselves deeply - life just works.

I can't wait to show you how to move into lasting health and happiness, break free of diets, achieve your health goals, feel healthy, happy and balanced.
Program Starts Jan 10th, 2018!
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